Compelling Energy Journalism


There are reporters who just report; write down what they are told and that’s it. Not so my colleague Ken Silverstein; he reports and he thinks. The result is analysis that puts the reporting in perspective.

Of course, you can only do this if you have a complete grasp of the subject, the players and the history. Then you can produce that most desirable outcome in journalism: the news plus what it means and how to react to it. That is what makes for great journalism, and what sets the need-to-know apart from the nice-to-know.

Ken’s writing is complete, whether it is about boardroom developments in an oil company in a foreign land or explaining developments in the interface between government and business — so important in energy.

I salute Ken, and I am honored to know him as a colleague and friend.
Llewellyn King
Executive Producer and Host,
“White House Chronicle” on PBS;
Columnist, Hearst-New York Times Syndicate;
Commentator, SiriusXM Satellite Radio

Congratulations on your well-deserved awards. You’ve become a pioneer in the journalism field– balancing quality of life and high-quality work.
Jeanne LaBella
Senior Vice President, Publishing
American Public Power Association

I just wanted to thank you for your courage in continuing to write about the controversial policy environment surrounding GHG emissions. Having been in your position, I can imagine you get a LOT of heat and negative mail, and somehow in the face of all that you keep on writing instead of running away from the issue. Your coverage is outstanding and very balanced, you always present the facts and the opinions on both sides of the debate, and I deeply appreciate your efforts to keep your readers informed. So please, take courage and keep up the good work- don’t let them get you down. You’re doing a great job.
David Carrier
Senior Economist
Sustainable Business Practices
Northwest Cooperative Development Center

You are a powerful voice and influence in the direction of energy!
Thorne Davis
Davis Company
Colorado Springs, CO

You’re an amazing columnist and one of the best writers out there. I read everything you write.
Ryn Hamilton
Energy Consultant

I’ve received Ken’s columns for several years and have interviewed him for a few articles I wrote. Ken is AAA-Excellent and I’ve kidded him that he must have a team of ghost writers. He’s that prolific.
Jim Ostroff

Ken Silverstein is the best energy journalist out there.
Brett Dillon
Managing Director of IBS Advisors

A bit of advice: When you see this byline, read the piece. Thanks @Ken_Silverstein and especially for this line: “It’s no longer the dawn of the industrial era. It’s now mid morning during the digital day.”
Karl R. Rábago
Executive Director, Pace Energy and Climate Center, at the Pace Law School
White Plains, New York

Ken, I’ve been reading your “insight” and “perspective” for a long time and I always marvel at your depth and breadth of knowledge and ability to express strategic perspective in clear and concise statements that are not only profound but always right on target. Keep it going.
Anthony Lopez-Lopez
Senior Partner
Bryndan Associates

Permit me as a well-seasoned power generation development professional to say, the articles you author and arrive to my attention via e-mail are most welcome, indeed, they are anticipated. They are some of the most insightful and clear opinions on the industry state-of-affairs available today. Thank you for providing this quality service. I wish you and your organization every continuing success.
Bill Lewis
OakPoint Energy

Ken: You have the most topical, on-the-money articles about the power industry of anyone on the Net. Your most recent one … about mergers is no exception … great article Ken and keep up the good work.
Michael G. Hinton
Sanford Rose Associates

Ken Silverstein has been on the cutting edge of covering the hottest issue in energy today, the natural gas revolution, and its implications for energy independence and climate change. Silverstein’s fair-minded reporting makes his reporting a must-read.
Michael Shellenberger
President, Breakthrough Institute

I’m going to refer to your column as Bill O’Reilly’s “No Spin Zone!” Good job.
Al Miller
Anthem, Ariz.

I have been a recipient of the UtiliPoint Issue Alert newsletter for about one year now, and I have grown to appreciate it as an important outlet of information on the utility and energy businesses. Thank you! I wanted you to know that I think Ken Silverstein’s work is exceptionally good. Whenever I see his by-line, I am almost sure to be interested in the topics he covers. Plus, I really appreciate his balanced and reasoned approach to a topic. He does great work! Sincerely, An appreciative reader.
Kimberly Gluck, principal
State Street Global Advisors

I find your columns extremely well written with very important messages. I am especially impressed with the manner in which, on the one hand, you faithfully show both sides of an important issue while on the other hand, you do not shy away from very controversial issues — including issues that might run counter to the views of those many leaders in the energy sector. That means you are leading to take a leadership role in the sector.
Rick Barry
Open Reader Consortium

Just a quick note to say that I appreciate of your columns and understand the commitment you have made to continue to put them out on some of the most timely topics. The latest is no exception. Very interesting, informative and well written. Best wishes and thanks.
Mike Pasqualetti, Ph.D.
Professor, School of Geographical Sciences
Arizona State University

I’ve been reading your work for years on Energy Central, EnergyBiz, etc.  and have always found your reporting to be really excellent, as well as timely, thoughtful, understandable and rather poignant in all cases.
Gregory Reed, Ph.D.
Director, Electric Power Initiative
Associate Director, Center for Energy
University of Pittsburgh

I want to let you know how much I enjoy and value the UtiliPoint information that comes to me by e-mail. The issues and status articles are especially valuable. Ken Silverstein does an outstanding job of boiling matters down and giving readers the essentials. I continue to recommend your UtiliPoint information service to others interested in energy matters. I can’t think of a better way to take the pulse and blood pressure of the energy industry each day. Keep up the very impressive work and thanks.
Charles Yulish

Thanks for all the market mojo. Silverstein is fabulous.
Chris O’Donnell
Sanford Rose Associates

I always look for your column among the growing mountain of e-mail. You are one of the best industry commentators out there.
John Lowrey

I receive IssueAlert daily am very impressed by the consistent high standard of the articles. It is obvious that a lot of in-depth research and thoughtful analysis goes into their preparation. Please keep up the excellent work.
Peter Nicoll
IFMA EnergyNet

I consider your daily analysis the best of all daily and weekly industry stuff I get — even if the topic is not directly germane to my client’s work, they are always insightful.
Charlie McDonald
Fletcher Martin Ewing

Greetings from South Africa. I wanted to thank you for the EnergyBiz Insider articles as of late. I particularly like the format, the way the information is presented and the various topics. I resend your articles to many of my energy colleagues in South Africa.
Catherine Fedorsky
GEO Environmental Consulting

I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how much I enjoyed reading Ken Silverstein’s articles. I greatly admire the thoroughness of his research and the readability of his writing. He’s doing a great service by clearing away a lot of the fog that is so typical of the energy industry. My compliments to UtiliPoint for showcasing his work.
John Howes
Redland Energy Group

Ken, your articles are so good that no matter how much I may have known — with yours — I always come out far ahead of the game — thanks.
Vicki Synder
Information Analyst
Nevada Power

Ken Silverstein of Energy Central is the author of an analysis of interesting issues related to the electric markets … It is an insightful commentary on important developments … It is perspective and commentary and it is insightful, intelligent and balanced.
Ken Malloy
Center for the Advancement of Energy Markets

I have been an avid reader of your daily emails for about four years. I write to thank you for offer a service of such high quality. The journalism is insightful, articulate and enjoyable to read. Living in Australia, it is great to be kept up to date with the industry in the U.S. and elsewhere …
Emilie N. Carlsson

Ken, you should add the new Secretary of Energy to your mailing …. He could learn a lot of from you.
Patrick D. Mulcahy
Team China/California

You’re research and articles are second to none. I look forward to my next e-mail to see what’s new. The topics are stimulating and very informative! Many thanks to you and the team! Happy holidays and best wishes on a prosperous 2011. Keep up the great work!
Kevin Boudreaux
Houston, TX

I find the information that I receive from IssueAlert to be the most informative of the services I receive. It focuses on the top issues pending and the customer feedback to the newsletter is always interesting. Keep up the great work!!
Jerry Larson
Colorado Springs Utility

You truly do a superb job of getting significant, meaningful information out. Thanks, again, sooooo much.
Sonny Dubose
South Carolina State Government

I would like to say that I read (your column) regularly and know them to be an excellent resource. I work at a daily newspaper and I am astounded at how you can keep such a high editorial standard from day-to-day — Kudos.
Akweli Parker
Business writer
Philadelphia Inquirer

I give Ken’s EnergyBiz Insider pieces a high score for content and writing. They regularly get to the top of reading pole. Thanks for the high quality piece of work.
Bill Fleming, engineer
Shelter Technology
Arden, N.C.

Thanks for your To the Point column, which allows readers to see how others feel about the issues. I enjoy and find your regular articles quite informative and insightful. I read most of them, which is why I truly enjoy what readers have to say. Your stated mission – to posit a thesis and work to support it – has been consistently met: The analysis is thorough and logical, with balanced reporting – all couched in a cogent, concise and easy-to-read style. Just as important, readers are pushed to ponder the outstanding questions. I am pleased to acknowledge well written analysis that raise the bar in our industry.
Lincoln C. Young
Lincoln Management Group

I teach energy law and policy at the University of Houston Law Center and require that my students subscribe to your service. Your daily IssueAlert articles are timely, written in plain English, provide useful information in a difficult subject area to master and most importantly for the students, they are free!
Jacqueline Lang Weaver
University of Houston Law Center

Thanks for your excellent commentary and analysis on the issues. Your team’s analysis is crisp, insightful and useful. Important point is, this is the best newsletter I get on energy issues. You guys combine some keen insight with remarkable timeliness on hot button issues. I really appreciate being on the list. Please keep up the good work.
Jim Manatt
Providence Technologies

I really enjoy reading every article of Issue Alert. Your articles are the best I have ever seen for the utility industry.
Gary Chabot

Congratulations on your new position as Editor-in-Chief of EnergyBiz Insider. It is great to once again read your commentary, which has always proven to be well researched, pertinent, interesting and well-written. Welcome back!
Donald B. Rooker
Power Services Specialist

I enjoy the columns — find them well-reasoned and well-written. Keep up the good work.
Chris Crowley
President, Columbia Energy Partners

I have enjoyed your articles for a number of years now and believe that they are tremendously helpful to a number of us – particularly the engineers who do not have the business connections to see the aggregate viewpoint, much less formulate aggregate conclusions. Please keep up the good work.
Frank Roberts

Over the past few months, I have become an avid reader of Ken Silverstein’s extremely well-written and highly informative Issue Alerts. I have a strong appreciation for people who can write as well as he does and so I’d really like to meet the person on the other end of that keyboard. Congratulations to Ken and to all of you at UtiliPoint for a job well done.
Mike Marullo
Co-founding Principal

Issue Alert is worth my time every day. The balanced information coupled with clear opinions is a pleasure. Thank you and congratulations!
Pennington Geis
Hampshire Council of Governments

I thoroughly enjoy your analyses and reports every time they arrive here in Switzerland.
Gustav Grob, president
World Circle of the Consensus & World Sustainable Energy

Your column is great and highly interesting. I enjoy receiving it and reading it every day. May it continue.
Allan Moutain
Key Energy
New Zealand

Your “TO THE POINT” is a “MUST READ” AROUND OUR BUSY OFFICE. Keep up the good work.
Pete Black
Gas Ontario
Waterloo, Ontario

Ken, thank you for ongoing articles covering the energy segment and today’s business ethics review. I find your point of view, sense of direction and critical thought enlightening. While I initially found your news articles interesting, they must have struck a chord. I find myself now looking forward to each report with anticipation. Great Job!
Dan Milojevich
Director of Facilities
El Pollo Loco

I’ve been reading your articles for some time and I thought I’d drop you a quick line to tell you how much I enjoy them. You are an excellent writer and fairly and accurately cover the pros and cons of each topic.
Anouk Kendall
Country Manager, WADE Canada

Your articles and issue analyses are very comprehensive and give an excellent big picture to the reader.
Saurabh Yadiv
Planning and Policy Advisor
Ministry of Environment and Energy Canada

I find Issue Alert to be the best source of information on the energy industry. The articles are timely and well written. I always recommend you to my utility clients.
Pam Moore
Moore Syndication.

I get a lot of broadcast emails that I ignore, but I’ve noticed how many of yours I at least skim, and many I read more thoroughly. You do a very good job of providing a concise, but useful, overview of often complicated topics. To me, you also seem to maintain a neutral composure, conveying differing points of view in a fair and understandable manner. Keep up the good work.
Justin Schulz, Ph.D
Schulz Consulting

First of all, thank you so much for your newsletter — of ALL the energy newsletters I receive, yours is the most timely, interesting and insightful.
Bronwyn Wallace
Hill & Knowlton

I”m not in the energy business, but I enjoy reading EnergyBiz Insider. Your ideas and approaches apply to many different fields, including mine that is higher education.
Peter Leousis
Deputy Director
Odum Institute at the University of North Carolina

Great piece. Thank you. Especially like this line: “It’s a philosophy of the news that teaches modesty — that the story has higher value  than the people who deliver it.” Imagine that. Thanks for not being in the entertainment business and for the service you provide to those of us in the energy biz.
Michael Powers
Stellar Solar

I have to have my IssueAlerts. You folks are amazing and I think your perspectives and presentations are balanced and very insightful! Keep up the great work!!!
Pam Arnedos
Senior Internal Auditor
FPL Corp.

Your articles on everything from Ash and Mercury to Yucca Mountain are great. Learn something new every time I read I read one of those great editorials. As an energy industry insider, it is sure nice to get the facts without the spin from the mass media.
Dan Zandall

I love those Issue Alerts. Keep ’em coming.
Maggie Boys
Platt’s E Source

Read your article every day. Excellent work!
Patrick Zeka
Vice President
US AgBank, FCB

Just wanted to say thank you for your (column). It’s like getting a post graduate degree in the energy business. Keep it up … PLEASE.
John Jamess

I just wanted to let you know that I find your reports to be very informative. You cover topics that are of great interest to me, an analyst who follows the energy and utility industries. They are always well researched and well written. Thank you for your efforts.
Steve Percoco
Lark Research

Keep them coming. Issue Alert is read every day!
Kevin Keane
CMS Energy

Having been in a different working situation for several months since I availed of an early retirement package from the Philippine National Oil Company – Energy Development Corporation, I find as a must-open eMail friend and a constant morning companion before I start my day’s work.
Rogelio Z. Aldover

I enjoy the articles at “Issue Alert.” They are always very informative. Please keep up the good work that you do.
Pat Riley
General Manager
Gibson County Utility District, Tennessee

I feel that by reading your concise articles, I can keep up with what is going on in a rapidly changing industry. Thanks for keeping me informed.
Wayne W. Ford
Southern Company

Great information. You are hitting a 1,000.
Micheal Shultz

I enjoy reading your well researched, thoughtful and timely articles on energy. Keep up the good work!
Jigar Shah
Energy Prime

Not only do I agree with all your readers who compliment Ken Silverstein’s daily column but I think the high level of letters sent by readers shows that knowledgeable people are attracted to the articles and they relate to their content seriously. Congrats.
Ben Stern
Israel Electric Corp
Haifa Israel

Your article on “Regulating Corporate Conduct” is excellent. Your regular column is always interesting and riveting. I regularly look forward to it.
Henry L. Kemp
Air Power USA
St. Petersburg, Fla.

Being that I work in a litigation environment in the energy sector, the counter points are just as valuable as the original points. Always love seeing the many sides of an issue hashed out. Keep ’em coming! Great stuff.
Andrew Bieltz
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

If you’re looking for someone who works diligently to get solid information, Ken Silverstein can do it. His material is well-written and well thought out. And he’ll get it to you when you need it, often with ideas for other projects.
Robin Sherman
Associate director, American Society of Business Publication Editors
Former editorial director, Argus, Inc. (now part of Primedia, Penton)

Ken Silverstein has written for several magazines I have edited on a variety of subject matters. He is consistently able to go beyond the industry jargon and government gobbleygoop to highlight clearly the important aspects of stories for our readers. His copy is always concise, on target, and most important of all, on time.
Larry Anderson
Editor, Associate Publisher
Primedia Business Magazines

I’ve found working with Ken a complete delight. He is responsive, intelligent, and easy to work with. His articles meet all the criteria we’re looking for at The Manufacturer–they’re well written, lively, contain intelligent quotes and analysis. Moreover, they come in on time, at the right length, and needing almost no editing. Ken is always eager to take on new projects and has made several useful suggestions for directions of coverage and content. I consider him an extremely valuable resource.
Jill Rose
Editor, The Manufacturer

Ken Silverstein is a writer of powerful descriptions and depth. His writing is memorable.
David Eide
Editor, Cyber Oasis, a literary magazine

I most heartily recommend Ken … and would like to say how much I appreciate his abilities as a writer and a reliable contributor to my web site. His contribution with research and his analyses of public policy issues were essential for the site and for me personally. Rarely can you find people of Ken’s caliber when it comes to understanding issues and formulating challenging theses.
Andrew Zak
Webmaster, Elections U.S.A.