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Adherents of Cronkite Unite

A few weeks have gone by since Walter Cronkite’s passing. But it may be many years before the news industry regains the type of trust he once engendered. The transition from a news society built on three major networks to widely-segmented programming is now ingrained in American culture. And while the overall evolution is mostly […]

Good Governance can Work

The rancor permeating Washington is getting to me. While the loyal opposition is encouraged to vigorously present its ideas, it is not supposed to vilify and continually obstruct the party in power. This is not a political statement. It’s a civics statement. Compromise is the art of politics. But as the parties are being pulled […]

Parsing Through the Dogma

Over the holiday season I made time see the movie Frost-Nixon, a dramatic look at the making of the Nixon interviews back in 1977. It’s an historical look at a tumultuous period that was presented in an entertaining way. But the movie was disturbing to me. Some on the Frost team saw this interview process […]

BP’s Blather

BP’s oil spill is not just an environmental disaster. It is also proving to be a calamity for other drillers. The implication for American energy policy will be far-reaching: BP will be to off-shore development what Three Mile Island has been to nuclear production. Just as more off-shore drilling was given the green light, the process […]